"The Russian mob want me dead, my best friend just contemplated murdering me, the mob are on my case. I´m massively in debt and I just lost 2 million dollars worth of diamonds. Any other man would just dust himself off and carry on."
— Gay Tony

Life in Liberty CityEdit

Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince was at the top of his game in Liberty City. He ran the hottest gay and straight clubs at the same time. That was, until the economic downfall came. People stopped going to nightclubs as often and he needed money bad. He ended up dealing with the mob to get some money from some loansharks. He had to use his best friend and bodyguard, Luis Lopez, to get him out of trouble.

Life in North YanktonEdit

Gay Tony moved to North Yankton to escape his problems in Liberty City (although they were over). He decided to start another night club in North Yankton, only to discover that a rave is the only way to attract young, horny, drugged up adults to a party. He began running the Barn Rave as a job but it soon developed into a sick and twisted hobby. He was buying acid by the pound from Rick Chance and even called in Luis to help protect the Barn from hostile people. All was going well till Tony stopped paying his dues.

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