Carlon Hill is the best friend of Rick Chance. He runs the gun pushing ring in Rick's business.


Carlon has lived in North Yankton his entire life. He grew up in a good family of kind people. His family was soon killed by the neo-nazi gang that controls some area in the hills. This event changed Carlon for the rest of his life, and he is now dedicated to killing every last Neo-nazi in Ludendorff. The problem is, though, that he has the fear of killing someone. The sight of a dead body makes Carlon panic.


Carlon is typically a nice guy. He tries to spend time with Rick and generally be a good person. He is a sharpshooter with almost any kind of rifle even though he has never kiilled a single person. Carlon tries to keep Rick from making bad decision even though his attempts are futile and Rick does what he wants when he wants. Carlon is muscular and is not afraid of getting into fights despite his fear of killing someone.


Carlon works for Rick Chance, a hardcore drug abuser and the proud owner of a crime ring. Carlon's job is to distrbute guns across Ludendorff. Carlon's top selling item is the Galil. Carlon has made sure to stay out of Rick's drug business because he absolutely despises substance abuse. Carlon sometimes gives jobs to Niko Bellic, such as selling guns or watching over a gun deal.


  • Carlon is picked on by Rick constantly. Rick says that Carlon is a girly man and smells like flowers.
  • Carlon drives a silver Esperanto.
  • Carlon has a tattoo on the back of his neck that reads "In loving memory of my family".
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