Drug running at it's best is the first mission in the Eric strand.

Protagonist: Niko Bellic


  1. Follow Eric's car and make sure nobody takes him out
  2. Escort Eric inside of his house
  3. Drive Eric back to Rick's house without Eric dying


Niko walks into Rick Chance's garage and waves at Eric. Niko sits down next to Eric and watches him cook drugs.

Niko: What're you making today?

Eric: A fuckton of spank. I'm gonna have a few friends spread this out to the farmers in the other communities 'n' shit.

Niko: So you don't need any work done?

Eric: Hehe, funny ya said that. I actually need a lil'bit of help getting ma' shit outta my old house.

Niko: Do you need help carrying out boxes something?

Eric: Obviously not. I could get one of Rick's other fuckin' friends if I wanted 'sum manual labor done.

Niko: Then what's the issue? It sounds pretty trivial if you ask me.

Eric: ...Listen, there are some punks who're pissed at me for stealin' their customers. They want me dead. I need you to cover 'ma ass while I get my shit.

Niko: I'm not gonna do this as a friend, Eric. You better pay me good. I'm putting my neck on the line for you.

Eric and Niko walk out of the garage. The player is given a TEC-9. The player must follow Eric's car and make sure nobody takes him out. Once Niko and Eric arrive at their location, a cutscene is triggered before the next objective is active.

Niko: Shit! Grab your stuff and get in the car! Don't fuck about!

The player must protect Eric as he gets his stuff and gets back in the car. The player must then drive the car back to Rick's place. Once they reach Rick's place, an in-game cutscene is triggered.

Eric: Thanks brother. We should uh.. catch a drink or somethin' sometime. I dunno. See ya man.

Niko waves coldly at Eric as he walks away.

Mission complete

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