The reference picture of Edmund's face and hair

Edmund is a protagonist of the "Heartland".


Edmund was born in 1993 in Barberville, and grew up with Kane, Will, and Liz. Sometime in the winter of 2004, when they were eleven years old, Edmund and Kane were walking along a frozen riverbank one day while skipping school, and wanted to cross it. After coming across a log fallen across the river, they decide to cross it. Kane successfully makes it over, but Edmund fell off, crashing through the icy river and becoming trapped underneath the ice. Kane ran away in a panic, leaving Edmund to drown.


In-game, he only exists in Kane's mind, as a result of guilt from leavin Edmund to die. However, Edmund has a degree of control over Kane, such as causing him to fly into violent rages and convincing him to commit violent acts. He appears only when Kane's special ability is activated and never speaks during his apperance.


  • The song that plays whenever Edmund is activated is "Mitternacht" by Kraftwerk. Coincidently, it appears on the album "Autobahn", who's titular song appears on Dresden Radio.
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