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Eric's mugshot

Eric Adailson is runs the drug pushing ring of Rick Chance's criminal business.


Eric rode with the Lost MC in Los Santos in 2004. Eric befriended a notorious member, Johnny Klebitz, and tried to weazel his way into the Lost's drug ring to make money. Johnny saw what Eric was doing and told him to leave the Lost alone or else they would "fucking stomp his deadbeat ass". He then moved to North Yankton in hopes of finding more work. Years later Eric met Rick Chance, and he began produced heavy drugs for Rick to sell.


While kind, Eric is also very finicky. He is addicted to crystal meth so he naturally is jumping off of the walls. He makes some of the best spank in Ludendorff. He seems to have canibalistic desires. Surprisingly, he is very caring of Rick in an almost brotherly way.


Eric runs the drug pushing part of Rick Chance's crime ring. He enlists the help of Niko Bellic for watching over drug deals and delivering substances to certain locations. Eric is happy with the money he is paid, which is $250 a week. He has no idea how bad he is being ripped off.


  • Eric owns a black Hexer.
  • Eric has lost a few of his teeth because of meth.
  • He generally is friendly to anybody who looks nice, but he hates anyone in the lost.
  • he smells like shit.
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