A picture of Gary

Gary van Boven is a character in the mod.


Gary van Boven was born in 1994 in Ludendorff, North Yankton. Ever since he was young, he was addicted to video games, even to the point to where he began committing crimes based on video games, only to get arrested in South Yankton for trying to cash a fake three million dollar check through a drive-thru bank. He later met Rick Chance at a rave, and ended up working for him.

During gameplay, Rick can hire Gary to act as another shooter during firefights.


  • Whenever called upon, Gary will bring a TEC-9 submachine gun with him.
  • Gary shares the same name as a character from "New Kids", the only difference being how the first name is spelled (the original's name is spelled "Gerrie", Gary's is spelt with British English).
  • Gary is very paranoid of police and other law enforcement figures, due to there being a warrant for his arrest in South Yankton.
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