Ghosts of the past is the first mission in Niko's story.

Protagonist: Niko Bellic


  • This mission is to establish why Niko is depressed. Nothing more.


  • Watch the cutscene. Sh'yeah.


Niko is shown laying on his bed. His eyes closed. His eyes open as he slowly gets up. Echoing voices from IV can be heard through his mind. The first bit is a phone conversation between Niko and Brucie Kibbutz about Roman Bellic's death.

Brucie: I can't believe it, man. He's gone. He's fuckin' gone. Chubby man has left us. Fuck.

Niko: He didn't leave us Brucie. He was taken away and he ain't coming back

Brucie: And he fucking wedding day, man. I learned so much from him man about life, and shit. And-... and... important stuff like that. It's so wrong. So fuckin' wrong.

Niko: I know, Brucie. Believe me I know. Later on.

The next is a phone conversation between Mallorie and Niko, and as before, discussing Roman's death.

Niko: Mallorie, the man who got Roman killed is dead.

Mallorie: That won't bring him back will it? He'll never even get to meet his son.

Niko: Son?

Mallorie: I'm pregnant. We were gonna say something at the reception.

Niko: Your child will never worry about anything, Mallorie.

Mallorie: Thank you Niko, I know you're trying, but a child without a father has a lot to worry about. Trust me on that one.

This time, over the same topic, is a phone conversation between Niko and his love interest from GTA IV, Kate McReary.

Kate: Niko I heard about your cousin. Niko, I'm so sorry.

Niko: So am I.

Kate: If you wanna talk about it, if you want anything, if you just want company call me.

Niko: I want Roman back.

Kate: Don't let this ruin you ruin you Niko. Don't let this make you even more insular and angry. Please, call me and we can do something.

Niko: I might do that. There are more important things to be doing now, though.

Niko gets up and quickly grabs a picture frame. Through the broken glass, you can see a picture of Roman and Mallorie together, smiling. The screen fades to black.

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