Jessica getting picked up for her nightly routine

Jessica Lotson is the lover of Rick Chance and a popular prostitute in North Yankton.


Jessica grew up on the streets of Ludendorff. She began selling her body for money from a young age. She first met Rick at a bar in North Yankton. Long story short, she blew him and he was in love.


While brave, Jessica a victim of abuse. She is considered weak by most people, but she is secretly building up her courage to confront Rick about being an abusive lover. She is very kind to people, especially her clients.


Jessica is a prostitute. She works her own hours and does not have a pimp. She will likely end up working for Rick as a prostitute to spread his crime ring.


  • Jessica dyes her hair constantly. One week it might be blonde, the next week it'll be dark black.
  • Jessica rarely showers.
  • Rick promises to fix their life by making them money, but she still wants to be a prostitute to earn cash on the side.
  • Jessica dislikes Rick's hobby of drawing his own penis.
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