The reference picture for Kane

Kane Gretswell is a protagonist in the mod.


Kane was born in 1993 in Barberville. He had a hard and troubled childhood, with his mother working as a prostitute to the chagrin of his father, who regularly beat them. As a result of this, Kane had frequent and violent "lashouts" during school, causing others to seperate themselves from him. As a result of this, Kane didn't have many friends during his school years apart from Liz and Will. Kane's mother and father then mysteriously dissaperead on Kane's seventeenth birthday.

After finding out that his parents were missing, Kane ran away to Carcer City. After he ran away to Los Santos, he began working as a spotter for a small-time car theft ring. Fed up with the low pay, however, he stole the gang's money and moved back to Ludendorff and used the money to purchase Ludendorff Farm Supply. He used the company as a front company to smuggle goods in and out of Canada, employing Will and Liz to work for him.


Kane is a dark and sadistic person, often being described as an unpredictable, violent, and destructive. Every task he is given with, he performs in the most violent way possible. He is addicted to cocaine.


  • Kane's vehicle of choice is a green Karin Rebel pickup truck.
  • Kane's trailer song is "Major Tom" by Shiny Toy Guns, further implying that his musical preference in Indie rock.
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