Kuruma KarnageEdit

Kuruma Karnage is the second mission in the mod.

Protagonist: Rick ChanceEdit


  • Drive to the junk yard
  • Destroy the kuruma
  • Chase down the enemy ped
  • Kill the ped and pick up the cash
  • Drive back to Rick's apartment


Rick is sitting on the floor drawing a picture of a penis. He seems to be getting into drawing it. The sounds of a door opening and slamming shut is heard as he looks up from his drawing. Jessica Lotson is introduced for the first time.

Jessica: Where've you been?

Rick: Where have I been? Where have YOU been, eh? Out scurrying about in night, probably contracting a sexual disease n' shit.

Jessica: Ugh, You're such a dick.

Nick: That's common knowledge. Now what's the problem?

Jessica: That guy from the the garbage yard said he ain't gonna pay you for protection no more.

Rick: That fuckin' prick! Stay here and don't touch my fucking cock drawing. It's worth a helluva lot more than you.

Rick walks out of the apartment and control is given to the player. The player must drive to the junk yard.

Rick: Hey! Why aren't you gonna pay me anymore? What's wrong with my service?

Junk yard guy: Ain't nobody comin' around here to mess with me. Only you.

Rick: I can tear up your car real bad, buddy. I can do a lot more than slash the tires.

Junk yard guy: Haha. Like what?

The player is instructed to destroy the Kuruma. There is a crowbar next to the Kuruma that the player can use. The player must atleast destroy 2 two windows.

Junk yard guy: Oh fuck no! Fuck this shit! Fuckin' crazy moth'fucker!

The player must chase down the junk yard guy and kill him. The player must then pick up his cash. Once the player arrives at Rick's apartment, Rick wants inside of his apartment and then walks out, suggesting he dropped off the cash.

Mission complete

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