Lucid dreams is the fourth introductory mission of the mod.

Protagonist: Rick ChanceEdit


  1. Survive an attack of hallucinated zombies


Rick walks into his garage and notices Eric Adailson is building another drug lab in there. Rick walks in, waving the smoke away from his face.

Rick: The fuck are you doin'? The police will smell the smoke from a mile away. And this is my garage!

Eric: Sorry boss, I've just had to improvise since my old place is being cleaned up. I'll be out of here soon. But in the mean time, I have an idea.

Rick: Yeah?

Eric: Try this shit. It'll knock your fuckin' socks off. I made it a few days ago.

Eric walks outside and pops the pill that Eric gave him. The color hue of the camera changes colors and Rick starts to flip out. He hallucinates a bunch of zombies are crawling out of the ground.

Rick: This is the best thing I have ever put into my body. Holy shit.

The player is then instructed to survive a wave of 35 zombies. The player is given an M950 shotgun.

Once the player kills all the zombies, Rick falls to the ground passed out. The screen fades to black. Rick wakes up in his apartment in nothing but his underwear.

Mission complete.

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