Messing With The Bull is Kane's second mission in the mod. It is activated VIA phone call following Chopper and stealing a Police Rancher from the police station.


  • Steal the Police Rancher
  • Lose the Police
  • Park the truck at the warehouse


After completing Chopper, Kane automatically calls Neil

Neil: Hello?

Kane: Neil, it's Kane-

Neil: Ah, right, the guy handling the weapons for our cause. Are they ready to be shipped yet?

Kane: I met with the guys supplying me the weapons earlier, and remember how you said you wanted an AK?

Neil: Yeah?

Kane: Right, they didn't have any AK's. They tried to give me cheap Serb remake.

Neil: And?

Kane: And then things got complicated, and let's just say I single-handedly prevented you guys from walking off with a cheap Balkan ripoff.

Neil: Goddamnit Kane! If it's from the Balkans, it's the same thing!

Kane: No it's not, don't argue with me-

Neil: Fuck you! You screwed this up-

Kane: Alright, what if I get you something better than an an M16?

Neil: *Skeptically* Alright, but if you fuck this up, we're finding a new supplier for our goods-

Kane: Right-right-right, I'll call you when I get it done.

Kane hangs up. The mission "Messing With The Bull" is now available in which the player has to steal a parked Police Rancher from the police station

The player steals the Police Rancher from the police station, activating the mission

Once the mission is activated, the player is instructed to lose the police. Once Kane enters the truck, he mutters to himself

Kane: Truck's packing heat, knew it!

The player loses the police. After losing the police, the player is instructed to drive to his warehouse and park his truck in a garage

The player parks the truck in a garage and exits it

Mission Passed. After passing the mission, Kane automatically calls Neil

Kane: Neil, old buddy old pal, I got good news and bad news.

Neil: Okay, enlighten me.

Kane: Good news being I followed through on my word and got the guns for you. Bad news is that you'll have to come here to pick them up.

Neil: I can probably work that into my schedule, any reason?

Kane: The truck I took the guns from are way too hot to be on my streets, so if you want them, come get them.

Kane hangs up

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