Pang's mugshot

 Ping Pang is a character in the mod.


Ping Pang was born in 1994 in Ludendorff, North Yankton. He used to work at a Chinese Takeaway as a delivery driver, but got fired after running over a crowd of visiting tourists from France. He met Rick Chance at a 24/7 a few years before the game's events, and currently works for him as a driver.

Ping is Rick's driver, and as such, can either deliver the vehicles in Rick's garage, or pick up Rick in his car and give him a ride anywhere in town.


  • Ping's default automobile is a heavily modified Sultan TT.
  • Rick frequently mispronounces Ping's full name as "Ping Pong", much to Ping's chargin.
  • Ping is heavily overweight, and described by many as being "useless out of his car".
  • Ping is really into bondage.
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