A basic floorplan of Will's apartment

Rick Chance lives in an apartment along the main street of Ludendorff.


The apartment itself is located on the second floor of Barberville Antiques. The apartment is accessible from the side of the building by going up a staircase leading to the front door. The apartment, although very basic in layout, is very detailed, such as:

  • Rick's bedroom is accessible by going through a black door curtain that is always left open. Inside the bedroom, there is a double bed with a black comforter and an Angerfuck poster hanging over the bed. There is also a desk with an unfinished model kit and numerous paint bottles.
  • Rick has a large model layout in his living room, backed up in the corner in his living room, near his bathroom. The layout itself has German architecture on it and the trains on it are based off German prototypes.
  • In the living room, Rick has a large entertainment center with a flatscreen television. The shelves on the ends of the entertainment center have numerous Sprunk bottles on them.
  • Inside Rick's refridgerator, there is a human head and numerous takeout boxes. Rick can open the fridge, grab a can of beer, chug it, and throw it on the floor.
  • Rick can open the medicine cabinent in his bathroom and swallow and entire bottle of stool softener. This slows down time for him.
  • Rick has a penis-shaped bong in his living room, which he can do bits of marijuana from.
  • Rick can sit down in a beanbag chair and inject himself with a needle full of SPANK, to which he will pass out and wake up a few hours later, in a random location on the map.
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