Roman Bellic is the cousin of Niko Bellic. He appears only in dreams/flashbacks/hallucinations of Niko.


Roman mainly appears to be concerned more about making money, possibly being more desperate to prosper than any of the other characters, which has led him building a bad reputation in the city for his gambling addiction, of which he is constantly reminded. Despite his love of money and his problems, he cares a lot about his friends and family, and is sometimes annoyed at Niko's affiliation with organized crime. Out of all the characters, Roman appears to be the least interested in organized crime, as he only wishes to earn money and live the "American Dream."

Roman understands that Niko is unable to find regular work, and does no trouble him about his life as a criminal, but instead tells him to be careful, as some of the crimes Niko commits (racketeering, armed robbery, car thefts, assassinations, delivering drugs, etc), could get Niko an extremely long, if not death sentence in prison.

Life in LudendorffEdit

Roman only appears during flashbacks or hallucinations belonging to Niko Bellic.


  • Roman has forgotten his native language a bit during his time in America.
  • Roman drives a black taxi named Roman's Taxi from his depot, which is a custom Esperanto.
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