The exterior of Sam's house

Sam's House is a safehouse in the mod.


Sam's House, as the name implies, is the residence of Sam Moreau and her parents. The safehouse is first obtained when Rick Chance is kicked out of his apartment by Jessica, and ends up using it as his residence for the time being, much to Sam's parent's dissaproval.

The house heavily resembles Franklin's house from GTA 5, except that it resembles a midwestern ranch house in terms of exterior apperance. The other notable changes interior-wise is Sam's room, which now has a multiple-screen computer setup where the dresser would've gone, along with numerous meme posters and other hacker accessories.


  • Many of the props in Sam's room can be borrowed from Lester's house or something.
  • During Rick's stay, Sam will always be found at her computer, playing "Game of Hats" on one of her monitors. She'll comment to Rick as he enters the room that she's hyped up on ecstacy and energy drinks.
  • Near her computer desk, there are numerous plastic bottles full of urine.
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