The reference for Sam

Sam Moreau is a character in the mod.


Sam Moreau was born in Ludendorff, North Yankton, in 1994. She states that when she was younger, she used to be a good hockey player up until the computer game "Game of Hats" was released. Since then, she became a shut-in who spent every waking hour in her parent's basement, either playing computer games or hacking. She met Rick Chance at a rave, and currently works for him as a hacker.

Sam is a hacker, meaning that Rick can call her and lower his wanted level. This only works once a day, only up to a certain ammount of stars. She can also be brought along as a gunman, albiet rather poorly.


  • Sam is a stereotypical "/b/tard", meaning that she references and quotes memes from 4chan's /b/ board. This is even evident in her outfit, which consists of a "TFW your feels" shirt, and also coupled with the fact that whenever she's seen with Rick, she's constantly bugging him with memes of some sort.
  • Sam lives in her parent's basement, which has been converted into a living space/bedroom. Rick Chance uses it as a safehouse when Jessica kicks him out.
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