Secret recipe is the second mission in Eric's strand.

Protagonists: Rick Chance and Niko Bellic



  1. Intercept the drug van
  2. Follow it to it to the drug den
  3. Hold off enemies until Eric gets there

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Niko walks into Rick's garage while Eric is writing on a chalkboard. Rick enters the garage through the side door.

Eric: Good, both of ya are here. I've got a little proposition for the both of ya.

Niko: If it's loading more boxes from your house, count me out. I'm not getting into that shit again.

Rick: You helped baldy here move boxes? How sweet.

Eric: Hush. Now listen, the Columbian cartel is trying to move up here to steal all the drug profit 'n' shit, and we obviously don't need nunna that.

Rick: We're supposed to blow up their shit or somethin'? Seems pretty simple.

Eric: You dealt with those beaners before so I reckon you'd know what to do. I'm out of ideas.

Niko: We could also uh... follow one of them to their hideout and kill them. That always worked in LC.

Rick: As much as I love blowin' up cars, this man's gotta point.

Niko: The bigger problem is that, well... these guys are gonna out number us. If they know we're making moves after them they'll hit us harder.

Rick: Who leads this cartel anyway?

Eric: Some fuckin' asshole called Hernando Rodriguez.

Rick: Fuck!

Niko: What?

Rick: I used to work with Hernando back in Vice City. I'd smuggle guns to Columbia and guns back in America.

Niko: So?

Rick: They didn't pay me on time. I ended up trashing his house, pissin' on his dog, stealing a large chunk of his cash an' a sports car.

Niko: What happened to the cash and the car?

Rick: Crashed the car when pullin' out of his mansion. I blew the money on spank.

Eric: Guys, save all the chit-chattin' for later. Get a move on.

Niko and Rick exit the garage. The player must head to the middle of town and search for a Cartel Cruiser

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