The Seiler Farm is a farm located outside of Barberville.


The Seiler Farm, as the name implies, is a farm located outside of Barberville. Liz's Bison and customized Sultan spawn here, along with a Fieldmaster tractor in the barn.

The farmhouse itself resembles Franklin's first house from Grand Theft Auto V, only with some different details. Liz's room is located in the front of the house, and unlike the rest of the house, has modern furnishings and other amenities, such as:

  • The room is laid out in a similar pattern to Franklin's room in GTA 5, except for appearing more "neat", with less clutter and clothes thrown around.
  • Liz's bed has a plaid design on it. The bed can be used to either sleep in, or to lay on and watch the television if it's on.
  • The record turntables near the TV stand has been replaced with a desk with two computer monitors. One of which has a 3DSmax-esque program running, and the other has Liz's Lifeinvader page open.
  • Hanging on the wall over Liz's bed, there is a Kar98k rifle handing above it. It is unusable.
  • Throughout the room, there are numerous German related posters and other memoribilia.
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