The Spank Shuffle is the third mission in the mod.

Protagonist: Rick ChanceEdit


  • Drive to the drug dealer's hideout
  • Kill him and his friends


Rick is sitting on the couch taking a hit from what seems to be a blunt. He lays his head back and exhales the smoke. His phone starts ringing. He reaches for his phone and answers it. It's Jessica Lotson.

Rick: What's up? Choked on a big one or something?

Jessica: I'll deal with your snarky ass later, but I just got done servicing this guy-

Rick: Oh here we go. Telling me about your sexual deviancy. How classy.

Jessica: ...The point is, I I saw his ID fall out of his wallet. He is Ray Cobbs, that guy who used to work for you and ran away with a few bricks of coke.

Rick: Shit. Do you know where he was going?

Jessica: No idea. You should check his bleeter or something. Maybe he'll have something there?

Rick: You know for a back stabbing girlfriend aren't all that bad.

Ricks hangs up his phone and walks outside. The player is then instructed to pull out Rick's phone and go to to check Ray's profile. The profile latest posted reads: "Yeah, I'm about to pick up some new C from my boyyyyy!!! Any ya wanna come with, I'm at Tooled up!!!"

The player must drive to Tooled up.

Ray: Hey guys, check this shit out. Pure coke, man. Purest shit in Yankton.

Rick: Where's my cut, amigo?

Ray: Aw shit. I thought the cartel came and already clipped your ass!

The player is given a SNS pistol. The player must kill all the dealer's friends before the dealer is drawn out. Once the dealer is killed a cutscene is triggered.

Rick: Give me that fuckin' coke and I won't stomp your fuckin' head in.

Ray: Alright alright. Fuckin' shit man.

As soon as Rick grabs the prick of coke he stomps on Ray's head. Blood spurting from Ray's once untainted face.

Mission complete.

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