Trey Stevens is a major character in "Heartland" and one of the protagonists during a mission.


Mike "Trey" Stevens was born in 1993 in Washington DC. His mother died early in his life due to unspecified reasons, thus leaving his father to raise him, eventually moving to Barberville in search for better work when Trey was ten. His father worked long hours as a carpenter, thus leaving Trey on his own. As such, he pursued many odd interests, such as classic rock and conspiracy theories. He eventually met and befriended Kane, Liz, and Will eventually dropping out of high school and living in his father's basement apartment. He currently works at the local hobby shop.


Trey appears as a stoner at first glance, considering his near monotone voice and slow reactions. However, he is a die-hard conspiracy theorist, believing that aliens and ghosts are going to invade Earth, starting with Ludendorff. As a result of that, he has devoted all of his spare time to turning his house into an fortress. He is also slightly delusional, believing himself to be a real-life ninja with a mission to stop aliens and ghosts from invading Ludendorff.

Despite his faults, the three protagonists accept Trey as a friend, occasionally bringing him along during their shenanigans and vice-versa.


  • Trey has long, shoulder-length black hair with a chin goatee. He is always seen wearing a black gilet with numerous classic rock-related buttons attatched to the front over a yellow "Beatles" T-shirt, blue jeans, and brown hiking boots.
  • Trey's ringtone is an 8-bit version of "Barracuda" by Heart.
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