The interior of Kane's room


The exterior of the Van Koff hotel

The Van Koff Hotel is a hotel located in Ludendorff.


Kane Gretswell, having no formal means of residence, lives in a room at the Van Koff hotel. Kane doesn't pay for his room, and claims not to have paid for his room in years, having scared the hotel staff into letting him stay there and use their utilities for free. Kane's room is located on the second floor of the hotel, and like many of the other safehouses, has unique details, such as:

  • The television in the room has a video game console hooked up next to it, along with a small collection of video games.
  • Next to the TV (as evident in the reference picture), there is a small desk. This desk has a laptop computer and numerous post-it notes on the mirror behind it regarding drugs, guns, etc.
  • Next to the desk, in the corner near the wall, is a clothing rack where Kane keeps his various articles of clothing, which the player can use to change Kane's outfit.
  • There is a bottle of whiskey on a bedside table next to Kane's bed, which Kane can drink out of from the bottle. If the player drinks too much whiskey, Kane will pass out and respawn on his floor a few in-game hours later.
  • Similar to the above, if the player exits Kane's room and goes into the lobby, they are able to partake in the continental breakfast at any time, with Kane grabbing a donut and stuffing it in his face, leaving crumbs everywhere, ending with Kane wiping his mouth off with the sleeve of his shirt.
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