A render of Will in his default outfit

Will van Boven is one of the protagonists of "Heartland".


Will was born in 1995 in Barberville. His mother worked long hours as a nurse at a local hospital, and his dad worked long hours as a carpenter, so Will didn’t know either of them too good. He managed, however, to attend local model train conventions with his father, eventually becoming a model train fanatic. During high school, he dated a girl named Alex, but eventually broke up. However, Will continued to stalk her in the hopes of reuniting the relationship, resulting in two arrests.

After graduating high school with Liz, Will took an overnight course in heavy equipment operating online, eventually getting a degree in operating heavy machinery and getting a job as forklift operator at Kane's warehouse. He also moved into an apartment in downtown Barberville.


Will is a laid back man, with too much time on his hands, most of which is spent making model trains or attending raves. However, due to his laid-back attitude, he often underestimates potential dangers and fails to plan ahead, leaving him heavily disorganized and forcing him to look over his shoulder. Despite this, he is quick to anger whenever he is questioned or threatened (or someone threatens his friends) and never turns down a fight.

FCS RecordEdit

Name: van Boven, Willem

DOB: 2/23/1995

Place Of Birth: Barberville, West Virginia

Affiliations: Underground Rave Scenes

Criminal Record:

  • 2011 - Vandalism
  • 2011 - Stalking
  • 2012 - Battery


  • Holds a license to operate heavy equipment
  • Known to frequent underground raves


  • Will's default vehicle is a Ventoso scooter painted in a lime green paintjob with black parts, parodying the Manta from "New Kids".
  • Will has an exclusive motorcycle helmet, which resembles a red 3/4 helmet with "Always Hardcore" crudley scrawled on the back, a reference to the song by Bodylotion.
  • Will's trailer song is "XTC Love" by Bertocucci Feranzano, further implying that his musical preference is gabber.
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