The reference for the Wooden Ship

The Wooden Ship is a vehicle in "Heartland".


The Wooden Ship is a customized Bürgerfahrzeug Van owned by Trey Stevens. It is a panel van, as opposed to the original, which was a passenger van. The Wooden Ship has a roof rack on the top, along with a faded, rusty paintjob (much like in the reference) with undistinguishable writing in German.

Trey claims to have bought the van, which was imported directly from Germany, in high school. He used the van as his personal vehicle, using it during his "hunts", eventually christening it the "Wooden Ship", where it's name is crudely scrawled in graffitti on the left side of the van. The name is a reference to the song "Wooden Ships" by Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

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